StorageCell Corporation

StorageCell, Corp. is a private corporation engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of the next generation of battery storage technologies and electrode materials. Our research and development programs include using allotropes of carbon, including graphene, fullerene and graphullerene conductive materials, for the development of new technology high conductive battery electrodes.

Our product development programs also include ion exchange carbon composite materials for electrochemical battery storage. The need for large scale electric energy grid storage has become a priority in order to integrate renewable energy sources like wind and solar into the electricity grid.

The integration of solar and wind energy into the electric grid requires reliable and efficient energy storage for the peak periods of high energy production and the discharge of that energy during low energy periods. StorageCell TM is developing technology to provide storage solutions for the integration of wind and solar to the electric grid.

StorageCell Corporation is providing new energy storage technologies that will advance the use of sustainable automobile, solar and wind energy on a global basis.