Information About - StorageCell Corporation

The primary focus of StorageCell Corporation is the research, development and manufacturing of energy storage materials and conductive products made with graphenes, fullerenes and graphullerenes.

StorageCell Energy was founded by serial entrepreneur and inventor Robert Hughes. The latest research of Robert Hughes has been centered on graphene and graphullerenes electrode materials.

Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, lighter than any other known material, thinnest compound yet discovered and one of the best electric conductors on earth. The manufacturing processes for making graphenes and fullerenes, not just in the lab, but in a commercial manufacturing environment is complex. Taking raw materials and manufacturing graphene and fullerene materials is also a unique technology.

The world is in need and focusing on clean energy as a way to lower the effects of greenhouse gas emissions affecting the planet. Solar and wind electrical energy generation is cleaner than fossil fuel energy generation, but has a drawback of not having consistent flow of energy. Our StorageCell TM technology is used to store the energy produced during peak energy production periods and discharge that energy during low energy production. Our technology offers lower cost and is more reliable for longer periods than competing battery technologies.

StorageCell Corporation strives to protect our environment, with every part of our business. We want to always be a carbon positive company and protect our environment. Each person on our team as well as our suppliers are asked to do all possible to protect our air, water and land, for our children and our future generations.

Our graphene and fullerene carbon products, composites, and polymers are changing the world by making the transfer of energy more efficient.